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Beekeeper's notebook for online apiaries administration
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Beekeeper's Notebook Manual

1. The beekeeper's electronic diary is a computer program which is better from standard paper beekeeper's notebook. Beekeepers which are using computer immediately will appreciate the big advantages when manage their apiaries.
In your beekeeper notebook you have possibility to add 9 apiaries with 100 beehive per each apiary. The names of apiaries could be edit. You can delete an apiary.
You can view reports for produces from apiary for:

- honey (kg.)
- wax (kg.)
- propolis (g.)
- pollen (kg.)
- Royal Jelly (g.)
- poison (g.)

2. You can add beehives into each apiary. To make some nucleus a beehive or reverse do double click
over icon and edit. With a mouse click you can move beehive to new place in the apiary.
You could add following data:

- Name
- Date of mother's fertilization
- Type of mother
- Type of beehive
- System of beehive

The beemother are coloured by years.
For each bee mother could be add following data:

- date of fertilization
- type
- origin
- beehive keeping
- reason for change
- temper of the mother
- parents

The names of beehives are numbers. The names of beehives and data could be edit. If you want you may delete beehive.
You could view report for produces from beehive for:

- honey (kg.)
- wax (kg.)
- propolis (g.)
- pollen (kg.)
- Royal Jelly (g.)
- poison (g.)

All produces from beehive will save into database and show up on demand
With beekeeper's electronic diary you can compare produces from every beehive.
For each beehive could be add following data for overviews:

- date of overview
- brood (Combs)
- bees (number)
- honey (kg.)
- t C
- weight (кг.)

Web based notebook is using as a diary of the beekeeper too. You can create nine apiaries with
100 beehive each. For every beehive review you can keep separate notes
which are auto saved into database and they show up on demand.

3. To use Beekeeper notebook you should register first. Every beekeeper has your own profile protect with password.

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